Voters Meeting minutes – August, 2013

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Utica, Nebraska
August 18, 2013

Call to Order: 10:40 AM by Chairman Myron Schmieding with 80 voters present.
Prayer: by Pastor Dunbar to open the meeting.
Secretary Minutes: Minutes from the May 19, 2013, have been published in the Grapevine newsletter. There were no corrections. Minutes approved as printed.
Primary Election Ballots: The Primary Ballot was distributed. Three people have asked to have their names removed. There were no additional nominations from the floor.
Primary Ballot: Chairman: Ron Kellogg and Tim Heidorn
Elder: Mike Hahn and Doug Tonniges
Treasurer: Chad Hammer*, Shelly Scheele, and Lana Hoffschneider
Secretary: Sue Sullivan
Board of Education: Jamie Utter, Chris Ziegler, Deanna Slawnyk, and
Jeff Wellman
Outreach: OJ Utter*, Lowell Wellman
Stewardship: Karen Dvorak, Adam Hohman, Malrie Fuehrer
Trustee: Eugene Wiese*, Jeremy Stoll, Matt Luebbe, Shawn Schmieding
* – indicates incumbent
Moved and seconded to accept the ballot as amended. Motion carried.
Voters then cast their votes and a 3-member committee proceeded to count votes.
Treasurer’s report: The treasurer was unable to be at the meeting. A written report was read by the Chairman. $50,650 remains on the church building loan. As of August we are beginning a new $5,000 commitment for Rev. Deang’s support in the Sudan mission field. The treasurer also commented that Thrivent Choice dollars for St. Paul are less. If Thrivent members have not designated their available funds this year, they must do so, either online or by calling the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans home office.

PASTOR’S REPORT: (Membership changes through July 31, 2013)
Baptisms: Paxton Dean Fritz on June 30, 2013, son of Adam and Theresa Fritz.
Raelynn Marie Eikenhorst on July 5, 2013, daughter of Damon and Heather Eikenhorst.
Kalem Dean Miller on July 14, 2013, son of Craig and Noell Miller.
Funerals: None.
Transfer In: Todd David Michael Lancaster from St. John Lutheran in Vincennes, IN.
Transfer Out: None.
Releases: None.
Weddings: Danielle Mooney & Zack Gruber on June 1, 2013.
Kelsey Barth & Trent Linabery on June 22, 2013.
Brittany Wellman & Shane McDonald on June 29, 2013.
Heather Lowe & Damon Eikenhorst on July 6, 2013.
Kerra Grantski & Todd Schneider on July 13, 2013, in Lincoln, NE.
Carlene Wiemer & Carlos Martinez on July 20, 2013.
Confirmed: None.
Confirmation classes for Centennial 5th thru 8th graders will be starting up again on Wednesdays after school.
Pastor Dunbar will begin teaching a class on “Faith & Life” at Concordia Univ. when classes resume there.
August, 2013, Voters Assembly Minutes continued Page 2

Pastor has begun a “blog” on the church website and all members who have given the church office their email address will automatically receive this on a weekly basis. If you have not given the office your email, please call Dianne and let her know.

The health insurance for Hope Dunbar and the children has been switched to Centennial’s plan; pastor’s will remain with the Concordia Plan at the church. In lieu of the savings on the health plan, the Dunbars are requesting a dental plan for the family (not provided by Centennial Public School). Cost of this plan will be $45/month and is recommended by the Elders.
Josh Rausch will be attending a training seminar for his position. The $500 cost is being paid out of St. Paul’s Endowment Fund. Josh gave a brief report of his beginning activities since starting at St. Paul. There were no questions for Josh.
Moved and seconded that we accept the Dunbar’s request for Dental Ins. coverage. Motion carried.

Seeking bids for the east wing school roof
The additional concrete parking area on the east side is completed.
Attempts to clean the church’s carpeting (outside the sanctuary) has not been successful and two bids from professional companies has been obtained. Will proceed with this cleaning soon.
The church’s property insurance rates are scheduled to increase, a 16% increase for a $1,000 deductible OR a 10% increase for a $2,500 deductible. The Council is recommending choosing the higher deductible. Moved and seconded to approve the Council’s recommendation for a $2,500 deductible. Motion carried.

BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mr. Brauer, Principal
School has started! There are 81 students in Preschool through 8th grade with 7 preschoolers and 14 kindergarteners.
Thank you to ALL the people who came and cleaned the school the early part of August. Everything on the list was done and the staff appreciates all the volunteers who helped.
The school custodian is having some medical care and will need a month or so off of work. The Bender family is filling in during this time—thank you to them!

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Mike Rathjen, superintendent
Sunday School starts September 8th and more teachers are needed.

The concrete parking area on the east side is completed and is paid for by a memorial gift.

No report.

August, 2013, Voters Assembly Minutes continued Page 3

September 15th will be “Community Prayer Request Day” beginning at 2:00 PM. Everyone is invited to come and participate. We will go house-to-house in the community, invite prayer requests and pray with our neighbors. There will be food and fellowship to follow.
October 18-19 is a Regional Outreach Conference for Lutheran Hour Ministries in Omaha, NE, a great learning opportunity. Check the website for more information.


A question was asked about what “Phase 2” includes in the building projections for St. Paul. Our current church building is considered “Phase 1”. Some members of the former building committee explained thoughts and ideas prior to the 2002-2003 building of the current structure. Discussion.
Moved and seconded to form a volunteer study group for our future building projects and/or building acquisition. Motion carried.

Jeff and Heather Wellman, Matt Luebbe, and Rick Backhus expressed the desire to become voting members. It was moved and seconded to accept them into membership; motion carried.

Announcement: There are some missing food containers following the recent funeral lunch. Please let the Ladies Aid know where they might be located.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion and second to adjourn the meeting prior to hearing the results of the Primary Election. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer and table prayer before adjourning to the congregation dinner to welcome Josh and Christina Rausch.

Primary Election results:
Chairman: Tim Heidorn and Ron Kellogg; Elder: Mike Hahn and Doug Tonniges;
Treasurer: Chad Hammer and Lana Hoffschneider; Secretary: Sue Sullivan
Bd of Ed: Chris Ziegler and Deanna Slawnyk; Outreach: OJ Utter and Lowell Wellman
Stewardship: Karen Dvorak and Malrie Fuehrer; Trustee: Eugene Wiese, Jeremy Stoll, Matt Luebbe, and Shawn Schmieding.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Classen, secretary