Posted by Rev. Jon Dunbar

The readings for this coming Sunday, the Sixth Sunday of Easter and also Confirmation Sunday here at St. Paul, are as follows: Acts 16:9-15, Revelation 21:9-14,21-27, and John 16:23-33.

In the Acts reading, we hear about the conversion of Lydia, a successful businesswoman in Philippi who worshipped God but had not yet heard of Jesus. Through her conversation with Paul, the Lord opened her heart to believe in Jesus and be baptized along with her household. Lydia’s newly given faith bears immediate fruit; she opens her home to the traveling apostles. It is likely that Lydia’s home became a gathering place for Philippian believers. Is there a woman in your life (mother, spouse, friend) whom God has used to bring you to faith or deepen the faith you already have? If so, say a prayer thanking God for her this week. Think about how God used Lydia and her station in life to help others. How can you practice Christian hospitality today?